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Why Seek Therapy?

People often seek therapy when a crisis occurs or when there is a perceived threat to one’s mental well-being. What you may not realize, however, is that choosing to suffer in silence can have lethal consequences.


With a great deal of emphasis placed on the importance of diet and exercise for better overall health, we tend to overlook our mental health and the attention it needs. The mind is the single most powerful tool we have. When your mind is functioning as it should be, everything seems possible but when your mind is struggling, problems seem unmanageable.


Psychotherapy aids in addressing and processing negative experiences, overcoming hardship, and changing undesired behaviours. For optimal learning, therapy not only requires willingness and a positive attitude but a solid therapeutic alliance as well.

Types of Clients


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Types of Sessions

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Our Therapists

Our caring therapists are ready to assist you in navigating life’s challenges so that you can feel more at ease in your relationship with yourself and others.


Hello, I’m Anita. I am the Founder of Therapy & Co. I am a Clinical Therapist, but you can refer to me as an advocate and cheerleader for quality life!


Hello, I’m Salomey. I am best at helping people weather the storms and encouraging them as they gather enough breath and stamina to reach the finish line.


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