About Us

Our Mission

At Therapy and Co., we aim to create a better world by healing one person at a time. We seek to nurture hope, strength and offer the clarity needed so our clients can lead their happiest, most authentic lives and enrich their world with their unique contributions.


Learn more about Therapy & Co. from Team Subkit’s interview with our Founder and therapist, Anita Owusu.

Client Centered

You are the expert of you and your experiences. That’s why our approach to therapy is one of curiosity. We ask important questions to better understand your unique life story and challenges. We are honored that you have put your trust in us to help you heal, and we never take that trust for granted.

Anti-Oppressive Practice

Therapy and Co. celebrates clients from all backgrounds and walks of life and appreciates the unique value you add to this world. Each of us is valuable, competent, worthy of love, respect, and happiness. Our practice is built around recognition, acceptance, inclusivity and accessibility. We not only embrace an affirming approach to our therapy and champion your identity but are also well-versed and literate in issues affecting racialized and oppressed communities.


We are committed to creating an environment and a client therapist relationship where you can feel to share your story, concerns, and hardships as this is critical in helping you achieve the growth you deserve. In our commitment to helping you live a happier, healthier life, we embrace your whole being and celebrate you for everything you are.